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All drips include a free vitamin B12 injection.




Our rehydration drip will totally hydrate the body, we struggle in our day to day lives to drink the required 2 litres of water and this drip will help you to meet those needs supplying your body with the minerals required to function correctly.


Benefits of this drip are:


  • Helps to maintain kidney function

  • Maintains muscle and joint health

  • Keeps you feeling well and vibrant

  • Complete rehydration





Our immune boost contains everything you need to boost the immune system, packed with vitamins and minerals and a high dose of vitamin c to strengthen the immune system.


Benefits include:


  • Lifts you up when you are feeling run down

  • Shakes off sluggishness and boosts energy

  • Is 5x stronger than a berocca tablet with 100% absorption rate

  • Our vitamin c drip contains the equivalent of 450 oranges



Our energy booster drip does exactly what it says - gives you a boost when your feeling the effects of fatigue.


Benefits of this drip include -


  • Improving low mood

  • Boosts energy

  • Regulates sleep

  • Improves anxiety and stress levels

  • Supports brain function to improve brain fog and poor memory



The 'DETOX' drip


Our super powered anti-oxidant drip to detox the whole body - Great to eliminate toxins from the body.


Benefits include-


  • Protection against disease

  • Eliminates toxins from the body - amazing hangover cure

  • Supports the central nervous system

  • Aids fertility

The 'DOLLFACE' drip


Our skin cocktail drip - combining vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants together to detox and improve the skin 


Benefits include-


  • Detox the body and eliminate toxins

  • Clearer and brighter skin - great for acne 

  • Can help with pigmentation problems

  • Anti-ageing

  • Boosts hair skin and nails 



Our ultimate Mega drip that's a great all rounder- our most popular drip - loved by everyone- this is a great drip for sports recovery, hangover cures and fatigue.


Benefits include:


  • Mega rehydration

  • High dosage of vitamins to provide the body with the building blocks to function correctly.

  • Aids muscle recovery, relieves jet lag, immune boosting and mood boosting

  • Ultimate hangover cure

  • Improves brain fog and memory

  • Improves energy 

  • Detoxing 

This can be performed every 3-4 weeks.

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