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Emergency & Aftercare


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When you leave the elite aesthetics clinic we want you to feel safe and reassured. Below is some basic aftercare and also emergency complications for your information.  All our Practitioners are fully trained and competent in dealing with emergency complications should you require intervention. Our medical professionals can prescribe emergency drugs if required on site. 



 This is a severe allergic reaction that requires IMMEDIATE medical intervention. Call 999 if you experience the symptoms below.


- Shortness of breath

- Swelling of tongue or throat

- Vomiting

- Itchy rash 

- Dizziness/loss of consciousness 

- Feeling of doom




A Vascular Occlusion (V.O) is a rare event where a blood vessel has been accidentally injected with filler, causing a blockage. The blockage stops blood from flowing to a particular part of the lip or face resulting in a localised white appearance. The risk of having a VO is 1/30,000. It can happen to even the most experienced injector.


You may notice a white area to the lip or face and possibly a mottled colouring to your skin. Not necessarily near the site of injection. The area will also feel cold to the touch. If you press on this area the skin should return back pink within a few seconds.


If a VO is not treated, the tissues are 'starved' of oxygen which results in tissue death (necrosis). This can leave scarring. Early recognition and treatment are key. The treatment will involve massage, application of heat and possibly injection of Hyaluronidase (the dissolving enzyme).


A Vascular occlusion  usually appears immediately after injecting and your practitioner should notice this. However there are even rarer occasions when a Vascular occlusion may not present for a number of hours. If you notice a pronounced white area (blanching) that is accompanied by pain or numbness, then Call us immediately on the 24/7 emergency phone number 07596389971




A haematoma is a bruise. Although bruising is normal and to be expected, occasionally bruising can be severe. If you experience a significant bruise that is painful, or raised. Please contact us with a photograph. It may be fine, but a substantial haematoma can cause vascular compromise, which can be an emergency so we will need to monitor this for 48 hours after. Please call us if this happens so we can assess you.




Derma fillers are administered by a needle which enters the skin before injecting the filler. There is always a risk of infection when introducing a foreign body.


You may have significant or one sided swelling that does not go down within 48 hours. The area is red and warm to the touch. You may notice some yellow/white pus under the skin.  CONTACT US for further treatment as you will need to be prescribed medication for this.




Migration of filler can be due to a number of reasons. This can include placement of the filler. Drinking alcohol and strenuous exercise too soon after a dermal filler appointment can cause blood vessels to dilate and 'push' the filler out of place. It is therefore recommended to not drink alcohol for 24-48 hours after treatment. Lumps are a common side effect and can be treated easily , they are usually down to swelling and subside but if they are persistent please contact us to assess.




  1. Avoid make up for 24 hours after 

  2. Use ice to help with swelling

  3. Take paracetamol for any pain/tenderness 

  4. NO swimming, saunas, gym, steam rooms or sun beds for 48 hours 

  5. NO smoking or e-cigarettes for at least 6 hours after treatment

  6. Avoid alcohol for 24-48 hours after 

  7. No other face treatments for 7 days after.

  8. Sleep elevated for the first night after treatment 

  9. Avoid touching the area with unwashed hands due to the risk of causing infection.





  1. Same as dermal fillers above and also

  2. Avoid laying down or leaning forward for 4-6 hours after treatment 

  3. NO other face treatments for 2 weeks 



  1. NO make up for 48 hours

  2. NO sunbeds, gym, saunas or heat treatments for 48 hours

  3. NO creams or topical washes etc to be used for 48 hours only water Is allowed.

  4. NO smoking for 4 hours after treatment


Please do not touch the area with dirty hands as this can cause infection.

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